What is HeartNexus?

HeartNexus is comprised of a group of U.S. Board Certified cardiologists who believe the EKG is the signature of one’s heart. Our specialists are leaders in their fields and have been nationally recognized for merit in teaching, patient care and promoting cardiology practice standards. We firmly believe each EKG, ambulatory (Holter) monitor, and non-invasive cardiac testing should be interpreted by those with extensive specialized cardiology training. Heart Nexus provides these interpretations to practitioners and patients in a timely manner through our telecardiology service.

Telemedicine technology allows our specialists to interpret EKGs around the world…from the most remote locations to the busiest cities in the world…we have your heart covered.

Individuals are beginning to take responsibility for their own wellness. Our goal is to provide every at-risk person with cardiologist-interpreted EKG screening.